Crowns and Bridges
in Frisco, TX

Dental crowns and bridges are necessary for restoring severely decayed or broken down teeth. Both are made only from porcelain, making them very safe. Crowns and bridges help to restore not only your oral health but your smile too. Each can be custom matched to your tooth color, so they will look and feel completely natural.

What is a crown? 
A crown is a porcelain cap custom-fit to cover the entire surface of your tooth, protecting it from any further damage. Crowns are typically necessary following a root canal.

What is a bridge?
A dental bridge is essentially two crowns that hold a fake porcelain tooth in between. It is a great option for replacing missing teeth, especially when implants are not a good fit. Bridges also help counteract any problems that may occur from missing teeth, such shifting of teeth or inability to chew properly.

How Crown and Bridges Procedures Work
Both procedures require two appointments. At your first visit, we will prepare the tooth/teeth and take impressions. These will be sent to the dental lab. You will then receive a temporary crown or bridge until your permanent restoration is ready.

When your crown or bridge returns from the lab, you will then come back for a follow-up for your permanent restoration.

How to Care for your Crown or Bridge
We recommend flossing or using a water flosser daily. This will ensure that your new restoration will last for many years to come.

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Ready To Make Your Appointment?

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