Implant Restorations
in Frisco, TX

Implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. They are the most natural feeling restoration in comparison to others (such as dentures or bridges.)

What is the Implant Restoration Process?
The first step is to set up your procedure with an oral surgeon or periodontist. Our team works with the best local oral surgeons and periodontists so that you have a smooth experience and recovery. The procedure time varies from patient to patient, along with how many implants are needed.

Typically, implants require 3-6 months to heal. Once your surgeon confirms your implant is fully healed, our team can then take the reins and fully restore your smile.

The next step will be to make an appointment with us for your restoration procedure. We will unscrew and remove the healing cap during this appointment, replacing it with the impression cap. We will take a final impression and send it to the lab to create your permanent implant crown(s.) 

In just a few weeks, your permanent implant crown(s) will be ready. You will then return for your final appointment so that we can finalize your smile by completing the restoration with your new teeth.

Ready To Make Your Appointment?

Ready To Make Your Appointment?

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