How Icon Treatment Removes White Spots on Your Teeth

Your teeth can develop white spots usually from the early stages of tooth decay. While rare, these spots can also appear if someone is getting too much fluoride. Braces may also leave these spots behind. At Serenity Dental Studio, we use Icon treatment to correct these imperfections and extend the life of the tooth.

What Is Icon Treatment?

Icon is drill-free and requires no sedation. This resin painlessly enters through the pores of the tooth and fills it. This helps to prevent cavity-causing acids and bacteria from penetrating deeper into the tooth. Previously, dentists needed to rely on fluoride treatments or fillings to try to counteract the demineralization that causes the discoloration.

How Does Icon Get into the Tooth?

Similar to a topical facial, your dentist will apply an etching gel to your tooth to open up the pores. Once they’re open, the resin is applied and fills the demineralized areas up to approximately the first third of dentin, the area immediately beneath the enamel. Once inside, the resin blends with the natural color of your teeth to give you a reinforced and consistently colored tooth.

How Do I Prepare for Icon?

While there’s not much prep on the patient end, it’s a good idea to schedule a cleaning. Your dentist will likely do this themselves when they decide Icon is right for you. The cleaning will remove any accumulated calculus that could interfere with the treatment. This also gives your dentist a chance to make sure there isn’t any staining that could interfere with the final result.

Icon Treatment for White Spots in Frisco, Texas!

If you notice that your smile has discoloration and white spots, Icon treatment could be the treatment for you. If you’re ready to take back your smile, call Serenity Dental Studio today to schedule your consultation!

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Icon Treatment

Icon Treatment
in Frisco, TX

Do you have white spots on the front of your teeth? White spot lesions can range from being slightly bothersome to a downright confidence killer for some patients. Since professional teeth whitening treatments usually can’t take care of the problem adequately, patients often turn to services like dental fillings and porcelain veneers, which can be invasive and expensive.

Serenity Dental Studio offers Icon treatments for white spot lesions, which are quick, painless and highly effective. If you’ve been embarrassed to smile or laugh around others due to the discoloration of your teeth, get in touch with our office. We’d love to help you achieve a consistently white smile that you love showing off!

What causes white spot lesions?

  • Diet: Acidic foods and drinks can break down enamel over time
  • Fluorosis: Too much fluoride can lead to white spots
  • Enamel Hypoplasia: Mineral loss in teeth results in less enamel than normal
  • Plaque: Harmful bacteria can break down enamel and result in discoloration

How do Icon treatments work?


Before treatment can begin, the teeth must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. A gentle air drying method may be used to prepare the affected tooth or teeth.

Application of Etching Gel

A special etching gel is applied to the surface of the affected tooth. This gel opens the pores of the enamel, allowing the resin to penetrate.

Application of Resin Infiltrant

The Icon resin infiltrant, which has a low viscosity, is carefully applied onto the tooth surface. This resin is designed to penetrate the porous enamel and fill the lesions.

Light Curing

A special curing light is used to activate and harden the resin infiltrant. This process typically takes a few minutes and ensures the material adheres securely to the tooth.


After the resin has cured, Dr. Kengskool will gently polish the treated area, ensuring a smooth and natural finish that blends seamlessly with your tooth.

What are the benefits of Icon treatments?

  • Quick and comfortable treatments (no needles or anesthetic!)
  • Healthy tooth structure remains intact
  • Can be utilized by both kids and adults
  • Cost-effective compared to treatments like veneers
  • Can last for many years and can be repeated as needed

Frequently Asked Questions

What is aftercare like for an Icon treatment?

Since Icon treatments are minimally invasive, there is no down time; patients can return to their normal routines right away. For 24 hours post-treatment, you will want to ensure you avoid eating or drinking anything dark-colored or artificially colored, like sodas, grape juice, soy sauce, and colorful candy.

Can I whiten my teeth after getting an Icon treatment?

If you are not happy with the brightness of your teeth, we recommend scheduling a professional whitening treatment with our team prior to your Icon treatment. Our team can combine both treatments to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the color and overall appearance of your teeth.

How much do Icon treatments cost?

The cost of your Icon treatment will depend on the complexity of your case and how many teeth are being treated. We can go over the estimated cost and financing options with you during your consultation.

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